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  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    to every senior, vendor, performer, speaker, donor, and volunteer in attendance, making our 22nd Year VOMC Senior Event Celebration a SUCCESS!

  • VOMC 2019 In Pictures

  • VOMC 2019

    Seniors Enjoying Themselves!

    Seniors - Let's Have Some Fun!

    Seniors - Dance, Dance, Dance!

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  • MAC Team

  • VillAGE of Many Colors (VOMC)

    Senior Event Festival

    For Seniors



    *All Solutions

    *Alzheimer's Association-Greater Missouri Chapter

    *At Home Care

    *Cardinal Ritter Senior Services

    *Center for Hearing & Speech

    *City of St Louis Fire Department

    *County Older Residents Program (CORP)

    *Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

    *Help at Home, LLC

    *Helping Hands

    *LaJoy’s Loving Hands Health Care, LLC

    *Lutheran Senior Services

    *NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America)

    *Office of Minority Health

    *St. Louis Area Agency on Aging

    *St. Louis County Department of Public Health (Blood Pressure Screening)

    *Trinity Wellness, LLC

    *United Healthcare



    §Aging Ahead

    §At Home Care

    §Cardinal Ritter Senior Services

    §Center for Hearing & Speech

    §County Older Residents Program (CORP)

    §Lincoln University Cooperative Extension Center

    §Lutheran Senior Services

    §Pasta House

    §St. Louis County Department of Public Health

    §Trinity Wellness, LLC

    §United Healthcare

    §Girl Scout Troop 5105 (Crestwood) - Centerpieces

    §Cardinal Ritter Senior Services Foster Grandparent Program (older adults and preschoolers) - Placemats

  • VOMC 20th Anniversary Photos (2017)

    Take a look and enjoy! Slideshow accompanied by music.

    VillAGE of Many Colors 'Aging Out Loud'

    Slideshow accompanied by music.

  • Our Mission

    The Minority Advocacy Coalition (MAC) of Metropolitan St. Louis is an advocacy group with a vision to develop outreach strategies and educational programs for all older adults with our targeted population being ethnic and minority older adults of the metropolitan region.

  • Our History

    The St. Louis Minority Advocacy Coalition (MAC), a collaborative group of aging and health service providers, has been in existence since 1997. The model for this organization originated 20 years ago, when St. Louis County Older Resident Programs (CORP) realized that its services were not being utilized in (at that time mostly African American) minority older adult communities. As you probably already know, some minorities and cultural groups have little trust of government and other assistance programs due to past transgressions, false promises and just a basic lack of understanding of the culture, (lack of cultural competency). CORP recruited agencies and members of the community to sit on an advisory committee to offer suggestions and/or participate in neighborhood activities to increase awareness of services being offered.


    What we did not realize or think about at the time is that other agencies were facing the same challenges that we were facing in terms of outreach.


    Fast forward to 1996, when a group of aging and health providers met to network, share information and discuss ways to address issues in the older adult communities. This group, called the Breakthrough Coalition, formed various subcommittees, but when the idea of minority outreach was broached, they found that a group was already in existence, so why reinvent the wheel? Thus, began the partnership that exists today between St. Louis City and County agencies. The St. Louis Minority Advocacy Coalition is currently comprised of St. Louis County Human Services, CORP, Mid-East Area Agency on Aging, St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, International Institute, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension, Peace Weaving Wholeness, Lutheran Senior Services, St. Louis City and County Departments of Health, and a host of “community liaisons.” Community liaisons assist with a variety of tasks: attend meetings and provide information, provide input, make presentations about various cultures to Minority Advocacy Coalition, help with translations, assist with disseminating information, and assist with planning and implementation. Minority Advocacy Coalition’s priority is to have representation from various ethnicities in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.


    MAC has collaborated with many ethnicities as planners, participants, volunteers and performers. Our projects have included African, Chinese, Hispanic, Eastern Indian, Vietnamese and many others cultures.


    As of July 2017, Minority Advocacy Coalition (MAC) was approved by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization, however there was a name change to Minority Advocacy Coalition (MAC) of Metropolitan St. Louis.